Los Feliz and the Silent Film Era (2013)

      The book details the history of cinema up to the time that east coast film studios migrated to California in 1908.  Locating in Los Feliz or nearby areas, it was the early film industry that was key to the initial burgeoning of the Los Feliz development. The book shows the early film studios in Los Feliz, those connected with the film industry—screen stars, directors, producers, executives–and where they resided in the growing Los Feliz community.

Among the Hollywood luminaries who called Los Feliz home during the silent film era were Walt Disney, Norma Talmadge, Cecil B. DeMille, Gloria Swanson, Oliver Hardy, and Charlie Chaplin.

“This book will delight fans of local Los Feliz history whether or not they are film buffs. And for those who have an interest in the early motion picture history, this book will add new dimensions to their understanding of the silent film era,” said Chris Laib, president of LFIA.

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Book “Los Feliz and the Silent Film Era” (2013)

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The History of the LFIA (2001)


This 56 page soft-bound book was published by the LFIA in 2001 and it describes the 20th century development of Los Feliz with a focus on the association itself by decades, beginning in 1920 and ending in 2000. Lavishly illustrated with drawings and photographs, the pages offer a cogent overview of our neighborhood’s major development period and the significant role that the LFIA played in assuring that the district would become one of the most beautiful in the city.

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Book “History of the LFIA” (2000)

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Los Feliz: An Illustrated Early History (2009)


This is the first book to address the early history of the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles which predates even the city’s own founding in 1781. The hardbound all-color book features more than 150 historic drawings, maps and photographs.

“The book is a treasure for anyone who has an interest in early Los Angeles history,” said Marian Dodge, president of the LFIA, which celebrates its 95th anniversary this year.

Los Feliz was home to a major Native American settlement before Jose Vicente Feliz brought his family to the Los Angeles basin in 1776 on the initial expedition to bring secular Spanish colonists to California. Feliz was given the major responsibility for establishing the new pueblo of Los Angeles during the town’s first 20 years by California’s first Spanish governors. He was rewarded for his efforts as the Comisionado of Los Angeles with “El Rancho de Nuestra Señora de Refugio de Los Feliz” (“Ranch of Our Lady of Refuge of the Feliz Family”) granted to him by Spanish King Carlos III around 1800.

The story of the Rancho which eventually became the Los Feliz neighborhood and Griffith Park is filled with fascinating personalities like the colorful early Los Angeles politician Antonio Coronel, the larger-than-life entrepreneur and philanthropist Griffith J. Griffith, local Los Angeles official and real estate developer William Mead who founded the Los Feliz Improvement Association in 1916, and movie moguls Cecil B. DeMille, D. W. Griffith, and Walt Disney. The book begins with the area’s prehistory and ends in 1940.

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Los Feliz – An Illustrated Early History

by Donald Seligman (2009)
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Note Cards

Set of 5 note cards of Los Feliz icons with envelopes. The standard price is $6 plus tax. There is also a small shipping charge, $1, for mailing to zip codes outside the 90027 or the 90068 boundaries. The orders will be hand delivered to these two Los Feliz district zip codes.

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